Small Jaw Crusher Maintenance

How should a small jaw crusher maintenance

Small jaw crusher is the most suitable for crushing is not higher than 300 mpa compressive strength (mpa) of all kinds of hard and soft ore, is the large degree of crushing material shall not be greater than the technology parameter table regulations. Today we are going to understand small jaw crusher disassembly and assembly, maintenance and handling.

Disassembly and assembly of small jaw crusher

To remove the spring, thrust plate, and then remove the cover of connecting rod component, and then remove the bearing structure. When remove the bearing structure, must pay attention to knock material, if the material quality, is under the strong beat, the deformation of the bearing will produce certain effect after production use, had better choose mallet or some soft metal materials. When connecting rod component removed, also note the removal of bolt and nut. If hubei board thrust plate wear serious, we can remove the first hubei wedge and the corresponding connection bolt, reoccupy hammer blow off hubei board. , of course, the degree of assembly and disassembly completely on the contrary, we should pay attention to in the process of lubricating oil daub and update the worn parts.

The maintenance of the small jaw crusher

Small jaw crusher broken confidential timing, lubrication, fixed quantity and a person. Small jaw crusher wear should immediately after replacement. Small jaw crusher for some process of protection device, can not add more than its load of material, prevent fracture, fracture, in case of change in time and identify the cause of damage. Small jaw crusher work in fasteners, after a month, to individually check and tighten, lest affect machine run properly.

Small jaw crusher handling

Should be used when handling strength enough, good safety performance of steel wire, or rope knot through the lower part of machine should be sent. At the same time should also count each object, lest appear omissions. After years of research and innovation, our company in the maintenance and maintenance of small jaw crusher has a lot of experience can give everyone to provide a better help. Hope that the customers can pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of small jaw crusher, make have higher production efficiency, longer service life, to gain more economic benefits.

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