Sand Making Machine Bearing

Sander bearing damage and repair points

Bearings are very important parts of the sand making machine and carry out important tasks. During the operation of the sand making machine, if there is a problem with the bearing, the sand making machine will not work properly. The bearing is the place where the fault often occurs. This paper shares the cause and solution of the bearing damage of the sand making machine.

Bearing damage and its solutions

1, the bearing is hot. The reason why the bearing heats up is because the sand bearing machine has a small amount of bearing oil or dust entering the bearing, which is not conducive to lubrication, which causes the bearing to heat up. This requires us to clean the bearing with the double pump oil supply. If the oil pump leaks, it must be replaced to avoid Causes greater damage; on the other hand, it may be bearing damage, if the inspection is indeed damaged, the bearing needs to be replaced.

2. The upper and lower seals are damaged. First, because the upper bushing moves up and rubs on the bottom surface of the gland to cause heat; the second is because the lower bushing moves downward and the lower inner cap of the end cap leads.

3, the upper and lower ends of the shaft seepage. This requires the operator to carefully check whether the seal ring is worn. Since the seal ring has to move up and down with the bearing, causing the seal ring to wear and leaking oil, it is only necessary to replace the seal ring.

Key points for repair of sand machine bearings

First, when the inner casing ring and the rolling element of the rolling bearing of the sand making machine are cracked, the new corresponding fittings are replaced when the raceway and the rolling element of the inner casing ring are spotted, and the gap between the rolling element and the ferrule raceway exceeds a certain value. When required, it is also necessary to replace the corresponding corresponding sand making machine accessories.

Second, if the gap of the sliding bearing of the sand making machine is large, it is generally necessary to re-cast the bearing alloy, the hole, the boring and other related parts. However, it should be noted that it cannot be processed in accordance with the manufacturer's drawings. Different countermeasures should be taken according to the specific conditions of the sand making machine shaft. For example, the shaft can be processed according to the manufacturer's drawings. The used shaft should take into account the wear of the journal. Appropriate reduction of the aperture size, to repair the sander shaft that needs to polish the journal, the nominal size and tolerance of the aperture should be determined according to the actual size of the journal of the sander after grinding.

The life of the bearing is closely related to the manufacture, assembly and use. It must be done at every step in order to keep the bearing in the best working condition, thus prolonging the service life of the bearing and ensuring the efficient operation of the equipment.

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