Mobile Crushing Equipment Process

Flowing stone with a walking stone machine, stable and high quality

Since entering the market, the mobile stone machine has been “unstoppable”. It is not only used as a special equipment for mechanism sand, but also used in various industries such as ore mining, construction waste crushing, and road construction. The “Piaojiao” mobile stone machine walks with wind and is efficient. Production is unambiguous, from the design, production, transportation of mobile gravel machines to the use of customers, to enter the public view with high-tech high-quality majestic.

The mobile stone machine is also called mobile crusher. Many customers will ask after the visit: “When the equipment walks back and forth, can the operation be stable?” For the customer, the site is not stable, the equipment can move is not easy, and it is stable. How is production possible? According to the detailed data of the equipment, the weight of a combined equipment reaches 3.-67t. The crawler-type mobile gravel machine has a generous crawler grip design, strong grounding, internationally renowned motor brand, high-quality power system, strong horsepower, running. It is stable and free to move, not only "walking with the wind", but also "stable as Taishan."

Mobile crusher equipment

After more than a dozen years, our equipment has traveled all over the country and traveled to different international stages. It has sold nearly 200 countries and has our equipment and after-sales everywhere. Turkey, South Africa, India, Kazakhstan and other countries have always been our loyal customers, providing support for our international development. Of course, we have also achieved better service, providing customers with suitable selection, meticulous standardization of production, operation and commissioning, on-site guidance training, and regular return visits to bring more benefits to customers.

Mobile crusher equipment design process high productivity and high efficiency

The body of the mobile stone machine adopts the optimized design of the ship-type fuselage, which is resistant to pressure and wear. The feeder can be pre-divided into fine materials, and the automatic material bin door is convenient for controlling the direction. The foldable and reversible conveyor belt can be stretched freely and save space. Convenient transportation; many types of crushing mainframes can be randomly selected, coarsely crushed to finely crushed to achieve different customer needs; precise screening machine can separate 2/3/4 kinds of materials; hydraulic lifting system is stable and safe; advanced PLC control system The safety reminder display can be operated on the spot or remotely.

Mobile crusher equipment price

The craze of the mobile stone machine has already hit, the customers are gearing up, only one high-quality and low-cost mobile stone machine, the price of a piece of equipment is between several hundred thousand and two million, the specific price depends on which model the customer chooses. The mobile stone machine can bring operational stability and production reliability to customers, increase product quality with innovation, and win the market with service. If you have any questions or needs, you can click on the online consultation, our technical staff is always available to answer your questions.

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