Improve the efficiency of Sand Making Machine

Sand Making Machine is sand core production line equipment, construction sand, gravel roads used most appropriate. For less than the amount in the sand on how to improve the efficiency of sand into question the majority system of sand plant most concerned, in order to allow Sand play the most powerful, here are some methods to improve the efficiency of the crusher.

Sand making machine must be done before buying trips, choose a good manufacturer is the most important, not only quality and security, as well as all aspects of service are assured, do not at immediate cheap, buy inferior Sand This ultimately the greatest loss to you. Sand carried out regularly to maintain lubrication, dry oil lubrication, use Mobil automotive greases premium, amount of bearing cavity 1 / 2-2 / 3, when the crusher for each class, add the appropriate amount grease. Sand production line, the entire system boot sequence: discharge → crusher → feeder, crusher must load starting to be operating normally after the crusher before feeding. Shutdown and boot sequence in reverse order. To arrange professional trained operator for proper operation, in order to avoid damage Sand. Regular inspection and maintenance and, if negative phenomena, early settlement, as well as in sand making machine production process, we must make the benefits maximized.

Sand Making Machine production is lowered wear rate

Sand making machine and gravel production line equipment is an integral part of the device, it is quite harsh working environment, conservation unreasonable in the course of their work, if it would cause the device to varying degrees of wear and tear, thereby reducing the use of equipment life, then how to reduce the wear rate when sand making machine production?

Generally speaking, wear Sand which is a relatively common site is the hammer, hammer in which the entire device is the main core, is one of the components most susceptible to wear, so in order to reduce the wear rate of the hammer After that, we are using the most advanced high wear-resistant material to enhance durability hammer, hammer occurs when one end of the wear and tear, it can exchange about the use of the hammer surface, may continue to work to achieve a hammer recycling, but also greatly reduces the input costs hammer. Sand Making Machine is on during operation, must do supervision work equipment, especially for major vulnerable parts of equipment, be sure to do regular periodic inspection and maintenance, discovery failure to solve the need for timely, so as to Better protection of Sand and efficient operation.

Artificial sand demand led to the development of sand production line of hot, in fact, sand and gravel production line and sand production line is the production of sand and gravel aggregate production line, then the two are the same as what, if not the same, what difference does it make.

The industry is defined, the output of stones called sand production line in less than 30mm, which is mainly used for huge sand stone town provided the required demand, while stones at 4.75mm or less called sand production line . Here we come from the configuration and the loss of specific analysis.

From the configuration point of view: sand production line due to the relatively large particle output, so the grain type products has certain requirements, the choice of hammer crusher, it can also take care of crushing and shaping role. Then detailed point that, for the average hardness of the stone, such as limestone, you can use the crusher or jaw crusher broken with the hammer; stone for greater hardness, such as river pebbles, the application jaw crusher or cone crusher with heavy hammer crusher.

For sand production line is based on the integration of the above models, the general should also be configured Sand and, if necessary, may also increase the standard hammer shaping machine in the above apparatus, the effect tends to be better. From the loss of output than watching. Sand production line sand production line than the general loss of output is relatively small, low investment. Low yield; and sand production line output was due to smaller particles, so that the production line wear and tear is more serious, the yield is low. Thus, only to find technical cash and most experienced manufacturers to maximize the benefits.

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