Used Iron Ore Mining Equipment

Iron ore processing production process

Iron ore processing and production process includes: crushing, grinding, dressing these three processes. In the process of crushing, the three-stage closed-circuit crushing is suitable for the crushing, local complete dissociation of most modern high-hardness ores, so as to improve the subsequent crushing efficiency.

Grinding, the second grinding is a closed and efficient grinding, can make the iron mill more fully; beneficiation process, the more successful new technology in recent years a representative are: "stage grinding ﹑ weak magnetic separation - reverse flotation process" "All magnetic sorting process," "ultra-crushing - wet magnetic separation tailing process."

Used Iron Ore Crushing

Iron ore crushing process generally uses a feeder, head broken, two broken, screening, crushing, Dry these processes, for economic reasons, usually finer ore sorter into dry granular, iron The ore was higher proportion of dry elected. Some small concentrator directly to the fine iron ore crusher jaw broken dry election operations, resulting in a very serious waste of natural resources. Therefore, the choice of the most economical mode of production, the maximum rate increased iron ore dry separation, iron ore beneficiation must face and research. Our company's iron ore mining equipments is an investment cost of the lowest mode of production, and high production efficiency.

The Open Iron Ore Mining

The open iron ore mining technology increasingly high demand on the construction site requires the use of pollution-free, pollution-free, high environmental protection, construction equipment high safety factor. Our company's iron ore mining equipments are mainly used in the field of crushing operations, iron ore mining operations in the open air, depending on the use of stone and finished products, iron ore mining equipments instead of the other crusher, production of higher hardness and finer-grained sand and gravel products. Configuration of iron ore mining equipments can be adjusted according to the actual needs of different crushing cavity, expanding the field of use and use of mobile crushing station.

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