Solid Mineral Mining Equipment

Solid Mineral Mining Equipment maintenance

Solid mineral mining machinery and equipment is a high technology content, the structure is relatively complex production of specialized tools, is an important component parts of solid mineral mining equipment, equipment operation condition is bad, use of operator skill level and professional qualities have some difference.

Meanwhile, as a production tool, with the expansion of the production scale of construction, the wear of mechanical parts may cause decreased performance, affect the normal use. Therefore, the correct operation of the device, timely maintenance equipment, reasonable care and maintenance equipment, can extend the useful life of equipment and eliminate hidden faults, work to ensure the reliability of equipment, effectively improve production efficiency, reduce production costs, is a open pit mining machine enterprise to grow The fundamental way. Below the mine machinery maintenance and other related technical problems in the production process for analysis, intended to pay attention to the operator, reducing equipment accident rate.

Maintenance of machinery and equipment

Solid mineral mining machinery and equipment use for some time, its maintenance is very important to carry out routine maintenance on machinery and equipment, regular maintenance and care under special conditions. Routine maintenance is a mechanical look for care and maintenance, does not change the mechanical age and failure rate. Routine maintenance includes cleaning machinery and equipment, lubrication, inspection, and tight, so as to improve and maintain the status quo use machinery. Regular maintenance of machinery and equipment mainly for further cleaning, lubrication, inspection, adjustment and maintenance of machinery and equipment mainly for further cleaning, lubrication, inspection, adjustment different levels of maintenance objects, maintenance intervals, maintenance and performance restoration of range there The difference, the higher the level, the better the results. However, due to mechanical failure of a certain loss, and can not recover a new.

Machinery in the course will certainly cause some wear and tear, this time, the mechanical maintenance is very important, very often, the domestic mining operations in order to improve the speed of drilling often do not focus on mechanical repairs, has been high-intensity work, the use of mechanical equipment can easily lead to accidents If the open pit mining machine regular maintenance and timely identify problems and hidden dangers of early prevention and improvement. If regular maintenance is lost, there will be a lot of machinery accidents, and even cause irreparable damage, so the use of solid mineral mining equipment maintenance work must be regularly inspected.

Solid Mineral Mining Machinery fault repair

Troubleshooting is the presence of functional faulty equipment repair, restoration of good mechanical performance and status. Troubleshooting can be divided into small repair fault, repair and overhaul. - Fault repair process for local fault occurring in terms of equipment operation, generally require partial replacement parts or make reasonable adjustments, and ultimately restore the normal function of machinery and equipment. After minor repairs mechanical properties and failure rates are the same as before. Compared with minor repairs, fault repair and overhaul service level for machinery and equipment is more complete, and the degree of recovery equipment performance is relatively impressive. Fault repair and overhaul maintenance methods can be analyzed with reference to preventive maintenance.

Mining machinery is an integral part of the process of mine production assistant, but in the actual purchase, use, operation, maintenance and maintenance will encounter many problems. How to avoid these problems is particularly important, do a good job of open pit mining machine maintenance and repair, not only can greatly improve the efficiency of solid mineral mining equipment, lower costs, and more importantly, can maximize the economic benefits of mechanical equipment.

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