Old Concrete Crusher

Concrete means for cementitious materials with cement, sand, stone for aggregate; with water by a certain percentage, obtained by mixing cement concrete, also known as ordinary concrete, is one of the most important contemporary civil engineering materials.

As a concrete sand and gravel aggregate, not only have certain requirements for particle size, also called grain shape of a cube with edges and corners as well, which can improve the strength of concrete. Concrete also has a high compressive strength, durability, and a wide range of intensity levels and other characteristics. These features make the use of a very wide range, not only for use in a variety of civil engineering, is the shipbuilding, machinery, marine development, geothermal projects, the concrete material is also important.

Price of Old Concrete Crusher

About old concrete crusher question of money, you need to determine the specific device model, we will send technicians to customer production site after site visits, according to production sites, production, discharge specifications, the cost of inputs such factors as customer tailor models equipped with the most suitable equipment, and gives a detailed quote based on device model and production programs, to ensure that customers with minimal investment to get the maximum economic benefit in Germany.

Concrete Crusher advantages:

Concrete crushing commonly used feeder, old concrete crusher, bucket wheel sand washing equipment configuration and belt conveyor, which has the following characteristics of old concrete crushing equipment in the crushing of concrete:

Can handle particle size of not more than hard rock 60-800mm, the product size of 80% less than 30mm;

Crushing ratio, high crushing efficiency, easy maintenance, low operating costs;

Cube-shaped product is highway pavement and utilities industries with aggregate device of choice.

Our company is specialized in the production of concrete crusher manufacturers in Germany, concrete crusher model, concrete crushing machine parameters tailored, professional skills, professional team, worthy of your trust.

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